Ripe for the pickin'

"I sell Mary Kay products. I'm a Mary Kay girl!!!"


Talk about rotten luck.

On the airplane to Austin. She's in seat 6C. I'm in 6D. By the window. With nowhere to go but out the emergency exit. I wish I'd paid attention when the flight attendant had talked about how pry that sucker open... does the inflatable slide still come out if you're already at cruising altitude?

I'm bad in sales situations. I hate being strong armed, but I'm also crap at just saying "f*ck off." I for one think it's unfair to corner someone on an airplane. I mean, nowhere to run, you little pink product pusher!

She's headed to a Mary Kay convention. She's excited about it. It should be very inspirational, she says.

Then she tries to schedule a consultation for me once we get back home. I can't say no (being I'm crap at that) so I ask for her card and I tell her I'll give her a call. Nice. Polite. She hands me her digits (along with a few brochures), but also insists on claiming my phone number. How? Just by making things ever so slightly awkward. By putting me in a position where I'd have to be repeatedly firm and rejecting. And I, on my way for a mini break to relax and get away from all things stressful, don't want to deal with awkward situations on my flight.

Natch, now she's calling me. This is made worse by her excellent sales tactic, employed once she had already laid claim to my personal information. "You're not just saying okay now and then you're going to ignore my calls, are you? I hate it when people do that. I wish they'd just say no upfront, and save me the time and energy. I call it "Minnesota Nice" - people just smile and nod their head and then later they blow me off. I hate it when people do that to me."

OF COURSE THAT'S WHAT I'M GOING TO DO TO YOU! How dare you play the victim? I've hinted every which way till Sunday that I'm not interested! I don't think I should have to be adamant and repeatedly reject you on an airplane! You figure it out! I don't want your pink magic. That's why my face looks like this! (Pained.) (And, I'd like to point out, already properly exfoliated and moisturized.) That's why I'm refusing to schedule the appointment without checking my calendar first. I told you I'm unemployed, how full do you really think my calendar is? Read between the lines! It's subtle, but I maintain that if YOU corner me with something unpleasant on an airplane while I'm trying to get into vaca mode, it's your job to read my cues. I. DON'T. WANT. YOUR. PINK. SH*T.

But now I'm the bad guy. What do I do? Call her back? Ignore her calls like she asked me not to? Allow her to come over with her pink voodoo and strip me of hundreds of dollars in my own home? I feel guilty but I still don't think all this is my fault. That was mean. She's mean. She's a big pink mean person. She tricked me into talking to her just so she could slam me with a pitch while I'm literally buckled in place. Talk about a captive audience.



Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Oh dear, what a passive aggressive monster you got stuck next to! I'm so sorry...Do you have her email? Being the non confrentational type, I'd email her that I'm not interested and ask her to stop calling?

By the way, the "fairy wands" are from a cookbook called the fairy cookbook, which is full of cute baking ideas!


10:46 AM
Bob said...

Exfoliated? You have foliage? Wouldn't that be like excess hair? You mean your eyebrows or a hint of mustache? A couple of chin hairs? I'm confused. ("I'm a male,... but I can change,... if I have to,... I guess". --Red Green show man prayer)

10:49 AM
steenky bee said...

Dude, I was so accosted by a Mary Kay lady in our bathroom at work. She was all, "Can I ask you about your skin care regime?" I thought, "Regime? As is like leadership?" She quickly corrected herself and called it a routine. Phew! For a minute there I thought I had been missing out on really dominant skin care products.

10:54 AM
Fertilized said...

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh RUN!!!

That's just awful. I say Ignore the pushy beeotych

11:07 AM
HeatherPride said...

When backed into a corner, blame your husband. Tell her you're out of work right now and your husband would be very mad if you spent any extra money. It's a rough economy, totally believable. Those Mary Kay ladies, they can be persistent. Yeesh. That pink sh*t is not cheap.

11:10 AM
~Jess said...

Pushy! Pushy! I would ignore her probably, but feel horrible the whole time I was ignoring here.

Good luck!

The husband card could totally work.

11:18 AM
seussgirl said...

Ugh - I can't stand pushy sales people! I say ignore her (or e-mail her if you feel too guilty), and if she calls - I'm all for playing that husband card, too!
Whatever you do, don't buy pink crap you don't need! :)

11:33 AM
DeeMarie said...

I would go with the email too if you can, and maybe mention that you don't find it impressive to be given a sales pitch on an airplane. And to think I get upset just people want to be chatty!! Playing the hubby card would work too, I'm sure. So glad it didn't ruin your whole trip!!!

11:48 AM
mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

Oh too funny, Elle! We were like that in a situation like that once too-Amway. Anyway, I'd ignore her calls for a while, if she doesn't get the hint, email her or call her and tell her your just not interested... at least easier over the phone.

Thanks for your compliments on our kitchen. We really like it, but were just talking about changes we'd make! Don't get me started about how easily custom cabinets nick and scratch--I'd go with Home Depot anyday!

12:11 PM
~Jennifer~ said...

Oh. I don't like it. At all.

So many of the Mary Kay people are like this!

If I'm going to spend hundreds on my skin and make-up it won't be with them.

I think I'd have to agree with the others: blame the husband and the economy!

Or you could be the hard-ass like me and say, thanks but no thanks.

12:32 PM
Bean said...

Oh my, how annoying and rude! Personally, I say don't call. If she's rude enough to make a sales pitch on airplane and badger you half to death I don't think you owe her anything.

1:02 PM
Krystle said...

You know! I think MaryKay sales ladies are the WORST when it comes to pressuring. They just want their pink damn Cadillac.

BTW, found your blog through random clicks, and noticed you're from Champlin... I'm not far away! Hope you're enjoying Minnesota!

1:12 PM
Cat said...

I would call her back and ask about the vibrators and the flavored body oil and tell her how you plan to use them...and they when she gets all flustered, tell her that Oh, you're so sorry, you thought she was the sex toy lady. You must have confused her with the woman who cornered you on the toilet.

2:31 PM
Jonny's Mommy said...

I had this happen with a lady selling scrapbooking supplies, only I met her at a party for these things and she kept calling and emailing. I finally just told her no and then ignored her emails.

I hated doing it because I don't do well at that, but sometimes it has to happen.

Or use cat's idea!

4:04 PM
Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

You poor thing! I hate it when people try to act nice in an attempt to get me to buy things.

I would just call her and tell her that because of the current financial situation in the country you can't afford her lovely pink products. And that if and when you can, you will call her. But until then, you don't want her to waste her time because her time is so precious, right? I mean, no one else's time is anywhere near as important as she obviously pointed out by harassing you on an airplane in the first place.

That is just ridiculous. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

4:13 PM
Mel said...

This has probably happened to me 20 times in the past 7 years.
I never answer the phone and I never call back. Don't feel bad.
I know I didn't.

4:41 PM
Melissa said...

I think if I was the pink lady, I would want you to be honest with me. But I happen to be the most non-confrontational person I know, so it would be tough to do that! :o)
Maybe explain to her that you understand that she's trying to earn a living, but right now you don't have a job, and need to be very conservative with your spending. She can't knock it once you point out that you know where she's coming from.
Good luck, whatever you choose to do!

6:41 PM
Grad3 said...

Sweet Lord!! That's terrible! Next time just give a fake number out like you were at the bar ;)

Until then, maybe just change your number so she doesn't turn into a pink stalker. I am sorry!!!

7:18 PM
Samantha said...

Definitely go with the false number - what else can you do with anyone who's that persistent? I bet if you had told her flat out NO, she still would have persisted in bugging you the whole flight. Solicitation on airlines should be prohibited!

8:53 PM
mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

I actually DID buy Goo Gone!!! I just discovered it! Funny. Unfortunately, it didn't work on the iron. :-( Thanks for your encouragement.

8:58 AM
Danifred said...

The ONE blessing in this is that she wasn't on her way home from the conference- she would have been all fired up and ready to start slathering your face with cream and make up right there on the plane! I would accept her call and tell her that magically, you found a new rep in Austin that you plan on using. :)

11:39 AM
Supervised Mama said...

OK this is totally awful, but you might want to remeber it next time you're in this situation. I give out my phone number but change a digit... Terrible I know but it works...

12:09 PM
Bina said...

Yea, I'm kinda the same, but I'm getting better at it. Heck, I used to NOT be able to hang up on telemarketers cause I didn't want to hurt their feelings.

Now I just say, "No thank you" to people like that, but she already has your number, so....

When she calls, tell her you thought about it and you are completely happy with what you are using, have no problems and don't want to change and you just don't have the time anyway. This IS how she makes her money you know, by being pushy.

1:58 PM
Crys :D said...

LOl. but.. what if you called her back. what if she came in your home? what if you liked the products? what then? What if you became a sales rep, because, of course, then, you'd be able to get things at a discount, and you could impose your pink goodies (oh that sounds bad) on other people.

maybe one day you could get a little pearly pink cadillac.

3:34 PM