Is it in the water?

In other news, friends of our just suffered a miscarriage at I think about 13 weeks. We dropped a tray of brownies off at their house, just to let them know we're thinking of them (we realize the brownies won't actually help, but wanted to express our sympathy). I feel for them - 13 weeks means they probably had about 7-9 weeks of knowing, planning, celebrating, and dreaming. We had one day, and that just about tore us to pieces. I can't imagine loss at that stage. I know some of you have gone through it, and I am buoyed by your strength and courage, and your stories of hope.



Bina said...

Oh man. That poor couple. I think it's great you took something just to show you are thinking of them.

Thankfully, I've never gone through this so I can't imagine how it feels.

7:03 AM