I found this on Vanessa's blog Random Ramblings and have decided to write why I think this October will rock. So welcome to Elle Charlie's:


  • The weather is getting cooler which means we get to use our fireplace, which is oh-so-cozy.
  • In a week I'm flying to Austin to see my sister for a long weekend! And my nieces!
  • I love Halloween, and this year we'll get to see lots of kids trick-or-treating!
  • New season of Grey's Anatomy!

How about everyone else? What'll rock your October '08?



Sprite's Keeper said...

Thanking all that's good and honest for the bring back of Grey's! And a new episode this week! Double yay! Loving your site design. Very retro and welcoming!

6:58 PM
~Jennifer~ said...

Small world! My little brother and his wife live in wimberly, just west of Austin, TX; both former Longhorns themselves. How fun for you. One of my best friends lives in Bastrop and up until I moved to SD, I visted her monthly.

And to make the world even smaller, I'll be in St. Paul, MN this weekend for a wedding. I'm thinking that's just a hop, skip and a jump from you!

8:10 PM
jenboglass said...

Things that rock my October 08 are that September 08 is over. Also? My baby will turn 1 next week. Halloween. Halloween candy. Eating my kids' Halloween candy. Getting sick from said candy. Missing work from getting sick. Cleaning my house on my sick day home from work.

8:37 PM
DeeMarie said...

I love wearing jeans and sweaters. I love the leaves. I love snuggling under blankets. I HEART Grey's Anatomy!!!!

7:49 AM
Happy Not-So-Newlywed said...

DUDE! You're coming to Austin?! I'm sure your sister knows but there are so many awesome places to eat! Hopefully the weater will be nice for your trip- it was in the 90's still last week!

Rocktober sounds great!

10:56 AM
Bob said...

uhm....Could I be a GUY here and say I hope my COLTS continue on their recovery and starting winning regularly like they have in the past. That would be MY ROCKTOBER! (Bob is one of a select group of bloggers representing the other side of the gender on Elle's blogsite that has never seen Grey's Anatomy. I prefer Scrubs!)

12:23 PM
Fertilized said...

So .. you asked me a question about my childs hair.. yeah it'a looks as if it's going to be red like his daddy.

I also think October should be renamed to Rocktober ..I LOVE the Fall.. too bad FL doesn't know what seasons are.

2:57 PM
seussgirl said...

Rocking my October 08:
My birthday!
My boys are off their monitors!
Fall leaves
Pumpkin Pomegranate cake
My birthday get-away :)
Hope your October '08 totally rocks!

3:23 PM
Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

I love the cool nights and crisp mornings, all the wonderful colors of leaves, pumpkin picking and trick or treat! I love applesauce, apple cider, pumpkin spiced lattes and pumpkin desserts.

I think it's safe to say (after that little rant of mine) that this is my favorite season by far!

Have a great time on your trip!

3:36 PM
seussgirl said...

I should have added:
Reading the Harry Potter series straight through for the first time. :)
It's great to wait till a series is fully released before reading it - no waiting for the next one!

4:41 PM
Kelli said...

Of COURSE you can write!! How cool would that be? I'd love it! :)

I think my Roctober nugget of goodness is that I'm not going to have to walk in 100 plus degree temps for training this month.

AND I'm hoping it cools down enough so that I can ride by bike again (I love my bike *almost* as much as my duvet and my cat.

4:57 PM
Anonymous said...

Love the cool weather, the fireplace, the colors, the 'spooky' evenings, the misty mornings, the moon. . .

October is a great month!

6:44 PM
jenboglass said...

Well, this is awkward. I already commented on this post. But I love it over here. I just totally blog rolled you.

8:14 PM
The Stiletto Mom said...

October = no more sweating in Texas which I love more than anything. Also, I am a Halloween freak and my kids are getting old enough to enjoy spooky stuff. October also means I'll settle into football season and make hubs cook me chili on Sundays which is probably the best thing of all!
PS...your blog? Is adorable. :)

11:45 PM
Bina said...

I think the only reason my October will Rock is because it's finally not an oven outside any more! Woo Hoo! I can actually go outside and not sweat.

7:03 AM